Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Walk Through The Dark

Why is it that I am so alive... so vibrant while the rest of the world lies motionless in slumber. These words have no point, yet to a point they rush.

These thoughts torment me.
Incessant urging...
Know thyself,
Deny not your slightest whim.

How can one truly go on wondering,
When one's unfeigned character is clear as day,
When one's true nature no longer hibernates.

I travel these dank corridors...
not as a way to ecape, but as a mode of ingress.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Picasso - Dark Master

Pablo Picasso is a true master and in “Guernica” he utilizes symbolism to covey his messages. I am moved by this painting visually because of the carnage and humanity in dire straights. I am attracted and all the while repelled by its “in your face” death and suffering.

Picasso’s “Rest” is a favorite of mine and was painted during his “blue period”. The soft, almost angelic features of his subject’s face are in sharp contradiction with the twists of her intertwined fingers which underscores this painting’s beauty and the contradictory nature of our existence. The figure’s outline provides order for the bold colors he chose for this selection.