Tuesday, August 19, 2008


The words are coming fast and furious as I try and navigate along the straight and narrow,
Mental portraits depicting blank slates, depicting vivid imagery, depicting me… wading through,
It tastes like nothing, all the while it tastes like everything, but I digress…

The dark, the light, the sour, the sweet and the salty mingle with each other to become one and struggle to keep their own identity,
Drowning in the parched fields of reflection while simultaneously looking outward for answers,
Make sense of them, make sense of them, make them work for you, you can control them… but I digress.

Fear-laden daydreams and peaceful nightmares abound with courageous whimpering,
Cautionary whispers and reckless shrieks concurrently inquiring and directing,
The turmoil, both external and internal, commandeer creative and objective thought transforming the latter into present-day gibberish... but should I digress?

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