Thursday, January 29, 2009

Beneath The Surface

You tell me you can not venture out, I ask you why not?
You tell me this time it is different, I ask you what has changed?
A hidden past… to never see the light of day,
An immoral romance, whose siren song was intoxicating and unrelenting,
Be I the weaker of the two? Be I the more indulgent in lustful fantasies?

Beneath the surface, rages a river on the brink of explosion,
Beneath this dispassionate fa├žade and calm exterior, surges an uncontrollable desire.
Simulations of platonic affection constituting outward farces… for the benefit of whom?
Friends… what mockery we would make of the word

So I stubbornly agree… what once was can no longer be,
One must at times be gracious in the most woeful of defeats.
But what will now follow? What will this new idealistic and “respectful” bond consist of?

What brand of true “friendship” could be had, when one couldn't very well even share a libation or two?
Would this "friendship" be limited to sparse communications and the occasional meal at a very public eatery?
Or should we refrain from all contact in order to preserve our “friendship”?
So I ask of you now… Would acting in this manner constitute a friendship in which each party is true to themselves, or would it just be the watered-down reality of two people who feel it would be in their best interests to act accordingly... even if it is in fact fictitious?
Or should we again delve into the watery depths of this star-crossed union, knowing full well that once this path has been taken it will be impossible to reemerge unscathed?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Chuck Close - Pixelated

The artist I am presenting is Chuck Close. Chuck is a very well known photorealist painter and accomplished photographer. His large scale works based on photographs have been on display at the Smithsonian, the Museum of Modern Art and continue to be displayed throughout the world.

Chuck’s work has a meticulous quality that is evident througout his many pieces. The type of dedication that only comes with true love for one’s work. The pixelated appearance and detail of his massive portraits when one examines them at close range is amazing. The arrangement of various colors and how they blend in together from afar give me the sense that he was envisioning the bigger picture in his mind in order to perfect each minute detail. This particular quality about his work really gets me to think about how easy it is to get caught up in everyday problems and how difficult it is to really appreciate life unless you step back for a moment and take a second look. Chuck really seems to capture his subjects’ personalities and true essences in their gazes, whether intense or indifferent.

Tragically, he was paralyzed in 1988 due to a blood clot that was found in his spinal cord which caused a very rare spinal artery collapse. However, despite this career threatening event Chuck underwent months of physical therapy and once he regained some use of his arms began to paint again with brushes strapped to his fingers and arms.

Friday, January 23, 2009

New President, New Speech, New America

In one of the most significant and monumental events in the history of this country, Barack Obama became the 44th President of the United States of America. BARACK OBAMA IS THE PRESIDENT!!!

On a chilly afternoon in DC, Barack was sworn in and delivered a speech that the nation needed to hear. Many expected a grandiose address filled with rhetoric and wordiness. Although at times he spoke in his usual articulate and eloquent style, there was a sense of urgency in his voice. The message he delivered was one of laser-sharp, direct action outlining the directives for his presidency. This is a "New era of responsibility", he declared because of our country's "Failure to make hard choices" . He spoke to the nation and the world about being "In the midst of crisis" and "shuttered homes". However bleak the and sobering the speech seemed at times, there were words and statements of unity and encouragement. Obama conjouring up the dead spirits of our fathers and reminding the nation that the people of our great country are what once made us great. Our innovation, our services, our technology, and least of all our resilience ... all things that make us what we are.

Long gone was the Obama we marvelled at during the debates for his oratory skills. This was a man who entered this race as a politician and emerged a leader! Now is the time to stand beside our chosen representative and take action... time to take our country back!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Porkchop Sandwiches!

It is 2009!!! I have been away from the keyboard for a spell... trying to get past the holidays and the present state of the economy. So I figured I would start this year off with something light as opposed to some deep introspective analysis of whatever.
I remember growing up watching cartoons and "afterschool specials" that always had positive messages. Below is video that I have been watching continuously for about 2 years or so. Someone took a public service announcement from G.I. Joe, dubbed it and turned into one of the funniest vids I have seen in a long time, as well as giving birth to one of my favorite catch-phrases... Porkchop Sandwiches!!!