Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Day America Took America Back

I’ll keep this posting short and sweet. We have reached an epic time in our country’s history. A time when this monumental event marks the physical manifestation of the “American Dream” and inspire people everywhere to open up their minds and eyes and behold the endless possibilities they now have in front of them. Barack Hussein Obama has been elected the 44th President of the United States of America!!! The difference in electoral votes, 364 to McCain’s 163, was substantial. Our country spoke loud and clear, and they voted for Change… Change in the way we will look at healthcare, Change in the way we run our businesses and the economy, Change in the way our country is perceived by the rest of the world, Change in the way we govern ourselves.

A couple of hours ago, I watched people from all different walks of life unite and cheer. I watched civil rights leader Jesse Jackson weep silently in the crowd at Grant Park when CNN announced that Obama had won. I saw Oprah jumping up and down with excitement, thousands of young Americans hugging and screaming, and live videos of Times Square and Rockefeller Plaza containing a multitude of hopeful and jubilant faces. These people cheered for a man that has captured the imagination of our great nation. Not because he said he had all of the answers, but because we knew he had a much different approach to what he have had to deal with for the last eight years. Those differences in ideology and outlook translated into an overall theme or message that echoed what the people of the U.S. wanted out of their next Commander in Chief.

This is the day America took America back. Congratulations Mr. Obama!!!

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