Thursday, January 29, 2009

Beneath The Surface

You tell me you can not venture out, I ask you why not?
You tell me this time it is different, I ask you what has changed?
A hidden past… to never see the light of day,
An immoral romance, whose siren song was intoxicating and unrelenting,
Be I the weaker of the two? Be I the more indulgent in lustful fantasies?

Beneath the surface, rages a river on the brink of explosion,
Beneath this dispassionate fa├žade and calm exterior, surges an uncontrollable desire.
Simulations of platonic affection constituting outward farces… for the benefit of whom?
Friends… what mockery we would make of the word

So I stubbornly agree… what once was can no longer be,
One must at times be gracious in the most woeful of defeats.
But what will now follow? What will this new idealistic and “respectful” bond consist of?

What brand of true “friendship” could be had, when one couldn't very well even share a libation or two?
Would this "friendship" be limited to sparse communications and the occasional meal at a very public eatery?
Or should we refrain from all contact in order to preserve our “friendship”?
So I ask of you now… Would acting in this manner constitute a friendship in which each party is true to themselves, or would it just be the watered-down reality of two people who feel it would be in their best interests to act accordingly... even if it is in fact fictitious?
Or should we again delve into the watery depths of this star-crossed union, knowing full well that once this path has been taken it will be impossible to reemerge unscathed?

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