Friday, April 24, 2009

Keith Haring - Street Art

Keith Haring was an artist whose was primarily known for his "Street Art", although he also created other forms of art. Since he was personally moved by the environment around him he chose to create art which contained social commentary or political statements. Part of what made Keith different was the fact that he chose to draw on public property. This within itself tells me that he wanted to make a statement, or rebel against authority.

Some of his work was sexually charged and explicit while others stressed unity or carried a message. I definitely think he was ahead of his time and feel that his work was needed then and even now. His repetitive use of pigs and dollar signs ($$) in a number of his creations says a lot about the way he felt about our obsession with money and the extent that people are willing to go for it.

My interpretation of his art makes me think he was angry about certain ideas about society. The fact that he was openly gay, which at that time was lifestyle that was frowned upon, coupled with his social activism, his support for unpopular crusades and his distrust of the government influenced his work. His use of simple shapes and images with clear messages and focused point of view as opposed to complex pieces made his work easy to decipher by the masses. Much of his work can still be seen all over New York City today.

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