Friday, August 28, 2009

Umberto Boccioni - States of Mind

Umberto Boccioni was an Italian-born, futurist painter and sculptor. In my opinion, his "States of Mind" collection (which consists of "The Farewells", "Those Who Go" and "Those Who Stay") are a standout among his work.

Boccioni’s “The Ones Who Go” has a melancholy and nostalgic feel. It makes me think of when family comes to visit that you don’t see too often and the whirlwind of emotion that one goes through when you first greet them, become re-accustomed to their presence, and the finally have to once again separate. This only reinforces the thought that most of the emotions we humans feel are transitory and never find a permanent home within us.

Boccioni’s “Those Who Stay” has always appealed to me because of the deep, dark aura that surrounds it and the inescapable weight of emotion it casts upon its viewers. When two people part it is a bit easier to be the one leaving as opposed to the one who is left behind. The vertical lines give the impression that sadness and clouds of loneliness are raining down and suffocating the people who are left behind.

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