Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Perceptions and appearances are a funny thing.

It is very hard for people to see themselves as acting in a way that would be viewed as immoral or unethical by others. Yet if that person were to really peer into their soul, they would be surprised by what they would succumb to… even if it was just to satisfy some sort of carnal desire or longing.
In fact these desires are what makes us who we really are, and no matter how much we try to portray a more wholesome or widely accepted persona, we are not being TRUE to ourselves.

If we continue to live by these self-imposed "handcuffs", we risk living our lives "out of focus", with only a glimpse of ourselves exposed for the world to embrace.

My question is, Is this truly leaving one's mark? Or are we scared of what we may find just under the surface if we REALLY explore our boundaries? What impression are you choosing to leave?

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