Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Brazilian Girls Show + 42O = Great Night

I receive an email and a call saying I have a pair comp tickets for the Brazilian Girls show Friday night at Terminal 5…Awesome! This is a band that I would pay money to see because of their outstanding live shows, and I am getting in for free. Despite their name, nobody in the group is actually Brazilian and there is only one woman. The band’s music is extremely hard to classify within a specific genre because of the various types of rhythms that they use. And to top it off, the lead singer, Sabina Sciubba, sings in English, Spanish, French, Italian and German. It is truly an international, electronic experience.

When I get to the venue and walk in, I am immediately pulled in by the immense crowd’s energy. There are huge groups of people chatting, dancing, drinking, and pretty much ready for a great time…not to mention the cliques of amazingly flawless-looking women all over.

The band takes the stage to an uproar of applause and cheering. For the next hour and a half the Brazilian Girls take us through a whirlwind of spectacular vocals, pounding beats, and a wide array of dizzying lightshows and musical arrangements… even including a couple of songs with a live marching band on stage. Sabina took control of the show from beginning to end, despite the fact that she is visibly pregnant, and left the crowd yearning for more when their set was done. The band came back on stage for a short encore set and ended the night with one of my favorite songs… the whole crowd sang along “Pu**y, Pu**y, Pu**y, Marijuana”.

I leave Terminal 5 and at this point am in no mood to go home, so I head up to Amsterdam Ave and hit one of the spots I haven’t been to in a while, 42O. The d.j.was awesome, the crowd was great, the vibe was cool and the liquor was… tasty hehe. All in all it was one of those perfect NYC nights.

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