Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Obama / McCain - Shake Hands with "That One"?

Yes, they are opponents for the same coveted prize. Yes, they have obvious fundamental differences in their proposed policies. Yes, they even have stark differences in their delivery and individual style. But, there comes point when we must take a stand and speak up about what we perceive to be blatant disrespect. Last night during the 2nd presidential debate, John McCain, in his usual condescending tone, referred to Barack Obama as “That One”. No matter how heated a debate may get, or perturbed a candidate may be there is no reason to refer to your opponent as “That One”… especially on the world stage being watched by millions of viewers. Now maybe I’m wrong, but I think the term “That One” is used to belittle someone, or to portray them in a way that would make them equivalent to the many faceless people we walk past on a daily basis (a nobody).

It seems like McCain’s handlers have told him to abandon the word “maverick” and instead embrace calling everyone “my friends”. Is this supposed to make us view him as one of us? Will this egregious pre-election ploy make us feel all warm and fuzzy, and convince us that McCain has our best interests at heart? How long before “My Friends” becomes “Hey You” and “Those People Over There”?

Regardless of my political affiliation, I believe Obama has worked very hard to be in the position he is currently in and deserves a bit more respect than he was shown during and immediately after the debate. To top everything off McCain also refused to shake Obama’s hand afterwards. Wow! Video below of the nonexistent “handshake”:

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