Saturday, March 14, 2009

Juan Son - Nada

The eclectic soul that is Juan Son from Porter, the Mexican-based band, is back. But this time in support of his first solo album, Mermaid Sashimi. Juan has created an album comprised of very diverse sounds and influences, but still within the same vein of his past contributions to music. As always the album has tracks that are sung in both spanish and english with lyrics that are at times indecipherable and at others all too raw. Juan Son's voice is undeniably distinct in that Bjork-like fashion, and his enigmatic stage presence adds to the surrealistic and dreamlike qualities that he is wrapped up in.

Nada is the first single and video off of the album which was released last month. It is a bit bizare and psychedelic, with its dark, trippy visuals and hallucinogenic feel... not to mention the sight of Juan spinning around in some sort of straight-jacket and halo combination. It is no wonder that I like it. Enjoy!!

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