Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Robi Draco Rosa - Vagabundo Con Su Propio Estilo

I can't believe I've been blogging this long and haven't written anything about Draco. Those of you that know me personally know that I'm a Huge Draco fan, yet I haven't expressed any of my thoughts till now. Maybe I was waiting for the right words, or maybe the right songs or videos to show... or maybe I didn't want to run off on a tangent (like now). Whatever the reason, the time is NOW!!!

The New York-born, former Menudo member, of Puerto Rican descent, is for lack of words... awesome! Besides penning many of fellow Menudo Alumni Ricky Martin's biggest hits (Livin la Vida Loca, Maria, The Cup of Life and She Bangs), his style and look is the furthest thing from mainstream pop music. With lyrics sung in Spanish and English, Draco effortlessly blends Rock, Jazz, Pop, Alternative, Flamenco, and many other musical styles and influences into his music and takes inspiration from the many people that he has met in his travels all over the world.

His live shows are also phenomenal! I have had the pleasure of seeing him live three times, and have walked away from each show with a new appreciation and love for his music. Dark and brooding, fast and pulsating, hardcore beat-driven and melody filled music is what you'll hear. Every album showcasing his constant evolution as an artist. Like I said before, Draco has something for anyone that appreciates good music that doesn't always fit into "cookie-cutter" genres. He is an engima unto himself! Below are a few of my favorite Draco joints (can't fit them all on here). Draco es lo mejor en musica hoy en dia!!!


Flavia said...

Antonio, amazing words.. It´s hard to talk about Draco. In my case, 26 years of loving his music... I agree with everything you´ve said. His like a phenomenon... each songs has a specific style. He´s simply the best! As we say here in Brasil, Draco is the guy!

Flavia Cirino

NN said...

Thanks for stopping by Flavia, and for the kinds words!